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Maggie Shevlin-Elmore

The mindfultheatre Company

mindfultheatre was founded for the purpose of producing PLURABELLES for Maggie's  MSc. thesis in Mindful Based Interventions. It goes forward as a small team producing new and existing drama by the likes of Joyce, Heaney, Shakespeare and Shaw. All members of the company are trained in mindfulness and each day's work begins and ends with meditation.



Accidental Theatre, Shaftsbury Square, Belfast

Thursday April 12th 


This event was organised by the Actors Equity Mental Health Sub-Committee which formed last year, in response to the alarming rates of suicide within the Equity membership (and the wider creative community) and the focus of the day was practical advice on building resilience, practicing self care and reducing anxiety.  The day included sessions and workshops with a leading a mental health professional, a yoga expert and a life coach.

Maggie  presented a session on Mindfulness including some practice.