Stress Anxiety Depression; the big three stumbling blocks in the way of our advancement.

Positive thinking alone cannot conquer them because as the early 20th century Hypnotherapist Emile Coue said:

“When the will and the imagination are in conflict the imagination always wins.”

In other words we can tell ourselves everything will be fine …

I will stop smoking

I will eat healthily and moderately

I will no longer swing from the light bulb when I see a mouse/spider/. . .

I will pull myself together

But if anxiety has hijacked the imagination then it is unlikely that we will succeed long term. The good news is that as Coue also said

“When the will and the imagination work together one is not simply added to the other, one is multiplied by the other.”

Using hypnosis we co-opt the imagination to work on our behalf and when we identify our goals there is nothing we cannot achieve.