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Dear Maggie,

Since last October I am suffering from Esophageal Spasms, which make swallowing very painful. I was unable to eat any solids or soft foods like mash or beans as the pain was very severe. My Gastronomy consultant has given up hope and had suggested that there is no cure and that I will have to live with it.

Since I came to your self-hypnosis sessions there have been remarkable improvements. Although pain still comes, I have learnt to cope with it. I do self-hypnosis practise as you have taught me and I am trying to overcome the fear of the unknown. I would say the pain tolerance has increased. I am now able to indulge in soft mash and other soft food in small portions. Before I was referred to you my soft food intake was very little. Now I can let you know this has increased and I feel lot better - I would say at least 50% better. I think if I had not seen you and sought your treatment my health would have deteriorated more with tragic consequences because I had lost the will to survive and lost hope to see any improvement.

Thank God I met you at Royal Brompton Hospital and here I am to write this small letter of thanks. I really appreciate your Help, support and dedication by providing the hope to re-live. without your intervention my future was getting bleaker. I do not know where that would have led me to.

Once again please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your support, help and timely professional directions to see the light.

May God bless you with a long and happy life so you can carry on providing support to helpless cases and turn them around to see the enlightened self interests.

Lone Ericksen (Visual Artist)

I recently went for a session with Maggie; we spoke about my life and expectations and Maggie went on to hypnotise me. It was a very unusual, enjoyable and insightful experience.

I was initially a bit frightened by the idea of losing control but although I believe I was deeply hypnotised I never felt dominated rather I was in a state that was 'trance-like'. I felt as if I was accessing parts of my unconscious; I can describe the components that make up the experience, but the sum of these do not accurately encapsulate the event.

I believe hypnotherapy can be a fantastic tool for dealing with various issues or simply in assisting someone to become more present in their life. I can also warmly recommend Maggie; she is professional, grounded and charismatic.

Joella Bruckshaw (Business Coach)

Maggie is a very professional and effective hypnotherapist. When I went to see her I was a little worried about not being in control of the encounter but I need not have worried. She asked me lots of questions and listened attentively to my concerns and I found myself relaxing.

Her deep voice and manner further put me at ease. When the time came it seemed quite natural to lie back and put my feet up in the comfortable armchair I was sitting in and let Maggie take me into a deep hypnotic trance. I couldn't tell you what she did but I do know I came out of that trance feeling a lot more resourceful.

I am looking forward to my next hypnotherapy session.

Lior Zilberstein (Photographer)

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed our meeting on Friday, the treatment was very interesting and I left with a strong feeling of tranquillity and serenity that stayed with me. When I was walking home it felt like I was an observer in a hyper-real situation and it felt like somebody has turned down the volume around me.

In the days after I had a lot of pleasant childhood memories flooding into my waking hours which was also a nice experience.  Basically I would be very curious to continue this exploration further.

Omer Harpaz  (Homeopath)

I strongly recommend seeing Maggie when attention needs to be paid to emotional matters, symptoms, habits etc.

From the moment I walked into the therapy room I felt a change in energy and I went very quickly and gently into a different state of consciousness.

The positive experience I had still resonates and as for the treatment objectives, a change in perception is acknowledged and I am confident that with more work together my goal will be achieved.

We choose our therapists for their track record and for who they are; when it comes to Hypnotherapy I choose Maggie.